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Ring My Stylist mobile app. The all-in-one online appointment booking software for beauty professionals and clients.

Ring My Stylist | Ring My Barber | Ring My Loctician

Online Scheduling Mobile App for Salons, Stylists, Locticians, and Barbers
Available On Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops

Suppose you are a barber, a loctician, a stylist, or a salon owner. In that case, this is the ideal and affordable solution to grow your business. It's FREE for 7-days, allowing you to set up your portfolio and start.

Our solution focuses on:
1. Grow your clientele database
2. Avoid no shows
3. Collect your money

The guaranteed solution to acquiring more clients and keeping them happy is to have them in one place. You can do that with our Online Scheduling solution like ours.

How to avoid no-shows and avoid taking appointments from clients who keep missing appointments? Add them into the app, check their appointment history, analyze the frequency they book, and decide whether you want to accept or not their new appointments.

Why is it essential to have an online payment solution in the app? Clients will pay a deposit when they schedule and the rest once the services are rendered. That is a guarantee that you get your money immediately. We have integrated Stripe and Square, both online payment methods you can use to collect payments.

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The offered native apps across both platforms, IOS and Android. That is to ensure the software quality and to meet the highest standards.

For the backend and web version of the software, we used Laravel and vue js.

Hosting and security is offered by CodePunker (

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We have created the software in a way that we could easily white label it. Currently, we have multiple brands released, such as Ring My Barber, Ring My Loctician, and soon Ring My Groomer. The long term goal is to be able to provide online appointment systems to any business in need of a scheduling system. The solution is available on mobiles, tablets, and computer browsers.

A few of the main functionalities

  • Online payment integration of Stripe and Square
  • SMS messages - integration of Twilio API and Bandwidth API
  • Fully customized calendar
  • Notification
  • Online booking and online portfolio
  • Automated SMS and Email marketing
  • Mobile apps for clients and pros
  • and more (
  • and more