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Our firm story

Our company was founded with the goal of developing software products and providing software services, and we have been successful in doing so for the past 15 years.
While the founders have certainly played a role in our success, it is truly the team as a whole that drives our success. Each member of our team plays a vital role in our business processes and contributes to the success of our projects and our clients.
Over the last decade, we have focused more on creating software products and supporting their maintenance, and we have become more attuned to the needs and success of our clients. This focus has allowed us to grow both financially and professionally.
We are proud to have some team members who have been with us for over ten years and we welcome those who are eager to join our team.

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Firm story
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How we started

Our journey as a web development company began when we decided to create a product that could meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

This was no easy task, but we brought together a talented team and worked diligently to develop a unique CMS system from scratch. Over time, this platform evolved into a CRM that we now sell.

After the success of this initial project, we began to focus more on helping other companies design, develop, and manage their own digital software products. We have been able to use our expertise and experience to assist a variety of clients in creating the software solutions they need.

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Our impact in numbers

We are a team of skilled web developers and project managers, and we are proud to have some truly exceptional individuals on our team.

To ensure that our servers and those of our clients are secure, we have a dedicated team of engineers who operate under the CodePunker© brand.

We also have the ability to subcontract design work to local and overseas partners, depending on the specific needs of our clients, including web, mobile, and graphic design.

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